6 reasons creative professionals need to outsource

25 Jan 2006

This article is a repost originally written on February 17th, 2005

1. Over Analysis of their concept

Coming up with the perfect concept can make or break many websites - especially with the number of websites out there. Many creative professionals spend an abundance of time trying to come up with the perfect concept for their website. This is time well spent in most cases but it also costs them money.

Consulting with specialized firms or independent consultants gives you access to extensive research gathered by a third party that is specific to your industry. This research benefits you by allowing you to spend less time to find the right concept for your website. Spending less time looking for a concept allows you to spend more time designing and developing.<!--more-->

2. Wasted Resources (Time and Money)

The creative professionals that decide to develop their own materials are often wasting valuable billable hours to develop their own, often ineffective, marketing. One adverse affect to this in the larger scheme of things is that this time could be causing the business to level out or decline. This, of course, is in direct opposition to the old adage that if your business isn't growing it's failing.

Hiring a consultant or firm provides several benefits that create measurable results. First of all, the hours that would be lost by working on your own website will be turned into profitable, client billable hours. This is only the beginning of your ROI for outsourcing such projects.

3. Closeness to the subject

Most creative professionals are very passionate about their work. This is often what makes them successful and drives them to continue in their chosen field. The problem is that they often have a hard time deciding which elements need to be included in online marketing and which ones don't. Because of their fondness for their work, it is also hard to find the most effective examples of their work. Including too many examples will overwhelm potential clients and may drive them straight into the competition.

By outsourcing to consultants specializing in online marketing and web development, you will get an objective opinion that's right for your business. Unbiased opinions only increase the effectiveness of your web-based business or marketing message.

4. Lack of initiative in getting the project started

Creative professionals and design firms typically find it very hard to get their own projects started. This could be due to overwhelming commitment to their clients or complacency in moving forward with their own initiatives. A lot of company's that have a good client base become complacent with their current initiatives and marketing instead of pushing forward and growing their business.

Outsourcing development of your website allows you to do both. You have time to work with your current client base, building great working relationships and increasing your profit. Meanwhile someone else is creating the material that will bring in more leads, more clients and even more profit. Not only are you potentially doubling your profit, you are also reducing your stress.

5. Lack of technical knowledge

The majority of creative professionals lack the technical knowledge to create effective online communications. Many forge ahead regardless producing vastly inferior work effectively damaging any potential buzz and possibly your reputation.

Hiring a consultant or firm that specializes in marketing for creative professionals will allow you to get that all-too-important technical knowledge without having to spend the time learning a completely new skill. The benefit is the production of superior work increasing the buzz and marketability of your company.

6. Lack of resources to complete project

A large section of creative professionals tend to be independent contractors or very small firms. Due to their small size these firms or contractors don't have the resources or manpower to devote to updating, upgrading or creating their online solutions.

Working with other small, specialized firms or consultants allows allows you to create the illusion that you organization is larger, enabling you to compete with other companies on a higher level. The added benefit to this is working on projects with increased budgets - which means more money in your pocket.

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