Plugin Updated: Random Category w/ Random Posts

10 Nov 2007

Something that has been long overdue, as can be evidenced by the string of comments here, is an update to my most popular plugin — Random Category with Random Posts.

With the release of Wordpress 2.3, there has been a fundamental change to the database structure. This change completely broke the existing plugin. Not any more.

Today I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing version 0.6 of the, newly dubbed, Random Terms w/ Posts. This update makes the plugin completely compatible with Wordpress 2.3+. So, everyone that has been waiting and waiting… and waiting, go download it!

What Else is New

The biggie with this update is it's incompatibility. Version 0.6 will not work with any version of Wordpress prior to 2.3. I'm keeping the older, Wordpress 2.0 and under, compatible version 0.5 plugin around for anyone that doesn't want to — or hasn't — upgraded to Wordpress 2.3+.

There is also a new projects page where all further information will be placed regarding this and future plugin updates — as well as any other projects I may feel desire a place here.

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