New Portfolio Finally Online

21 Mar 2007

This has been a long time coming and it took going to SXSW for me to get my act together. For something as simple as getting some good work samples together I should have done this months ago. I'm not going to make any excuses for why it's taken this long but rest assured, I've thoroughly scolded myself for constantly bumping it down the importance ladder.

Setting up my portfolio page has actually given me some time to muck around with Lightbox. It's dead simple and that pretty much explains it's proliferation throughout the web.

Given the size of some of the sites I've got in my portfolio I'm also thinking of putting the full resolution images up on my Flickr account so those interested can have a look at the big picture. That will probably be done in the next couple days and I'll add links to the Flickr images on the portfolio page.

I decided to take a simpler approach to my portfolio this time. Instead of the drawn out case studies I had on the previous version of this site I'm just listing some quick details of what I did for each item (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.). I'm including links to the live sites unless they are changed—in which case I'll link to my copy of the site if it's still available on my server.

Alright, enough of me explaining what I've done, go ahead and check out my portfolio already.

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