Why these names?

20 Jul 2005

I can understand why it's fun to make up new names for techniques and technologies but why has it become increasingly popular lately?

There's blogoshpere, designosphere, designologue, blogging, AJAX, so on and so forth.

What's with names anyway?

How is a name contrived? Well, in the beginning there was a necessity for creating a name for the web app that the developers were constructing. It made it easier for everyone around the office to talk about what they were doing if it had a name. Makes sense, I wouldn't want to walk around talking about the "website that will allow users around the globe to upload, store, label, and tag photos" if it didn't have a name either. [No points for anyone that can guess who that was referring to, it's just too easy]

So creating a name for a full featured web app is a necessity. I don't know how many people out there have ever looked for venture capital before but it's pretty hard to sell an app with 15 words in the title.

Why create names for already existing technologies or techniques? Marketing, pure and simple. By coining a new phrase, or re-wrapping an old technique, you can give yourself the upper hand. All you have to do is create the buzz around this "new" technology/technique by creating a few tutorials, and some well placed articles. This creates a tight association between then new buzzword and your company.

For example

Take the following as examples:

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