Shameless Plug

14 Oct 2005

I just wanted to make a quick mention and a shameless plug at the same time, so I promise to not take too much of your time.

Recently I was asked to join a terrifically geeking website called The Über Geeks, as one of their permanent authors. This was a tremendous opportunity and I jumped on it. The site was founded by two very talented individuals, Colin D. Devroe and Chris Fehnel. Of course, by joining TUG.n — as it's commonly called by those in the know — I was invited to join the 9rules network by proxy, a particularly important goal for me.

So What?

Well, I just wanted to let my audience here know that TUG.n has recently undergone a redesign and reformat. For those unfamiliar with the website, check it out, and those who have just lost touch, we have an RSS feed which you can subscribe to with your Bloglines account or favourite news reader (eg., NetNewsWire, Feedster, etc.).

Always Working

At TUG.n we are working hard to finish implementing the massive list of new features we have on the whiteboard. Look for something new almost daily.

And What About Here?

Not to worry, this website and blog is my baby. There is a possible design update in the works and some follow-up posts and more on the CSS Tips Series I started.

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