Tragedy in London

07 Jul 2005

In case you haven't heard, there was a coordinated attack on the London transporation system. Last I heard there were about 7 different bombs that went off in various parts of the city. They seem to mostly be in the "tubes" but at least one double-decker bus was hit and blown in half.

Last report I read had the death count at up to 45 but that may have changed. There are many, many more injured and a good portion of them are in serious condition.

I would like to sincerely offer my condolances to those experiencing a loss during this time and to offer hope for those in the hospital. This is a terrible tragedy. There is one positive and it was mentioned best by Jeremy Keith:

The terrorists responsible for these attacks are clearly not only a bunch of murdering bastards, they are a bunch of murdering bastards who don't know their history. London made it through the blitz and through years of IRA bombings. Londoners react to explosions not with fear and terror but with resolution and bravery.

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