25 Feb 2006

I decided to take the plunge. What plunge? The CSS Reboot plunge that's what. Matt Brett posted about his experience with the last reboot and is contemplating participating again. His post started me along the path that led to my decision.

Screenflicker Developments has only been around for a few years. During that time has gone through a few minor changes here and there but stuck with the same design scheme/theme and structure. Ask any designer and they'll tell you that a lot of the time after a few short months they grow tired of the same design. So the fact that this particular design has lasted as long as it did is either a testament to my love of the colour scheme or my lack of time to change it. Well, it's time to shake things up now. Sure, the colours are pretty nice but I've grown increasingly tired of the current green and brown with this layout. This, of course, was also my first experience with blogging software and limited me somewhat to how it turned out.

All that has changed now and you'll see when May 1st arrives. Although I'm still not sure I'll have enough time to do exactly what I want to do with this site giving myself a solid deadline is definitely ensuring that I make enough time to do it.

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