Combining content on

17 Jan 2006

Over the next few weeks I'll be combining the content that is currently spread across this site. As it is currently there isn't enough cohesiveness to the site. It's also a bit of a chore to find all of the content contained within – something I should have taken into account a long time ago.

Current articles

Now that I've got a little time I plan on taking advantage of it. The content that can be found under the Articles link in the navigation will be brought into the blog. I will be setting up appropriate redirection so bookmarks will still work. For those that have already read these articles notices will be placed at the top of each article once it's moved to the blog.

The name

Now, the biggest decision is whether to continue calling the combined area “blog” or to change it to “Articles”. Both have their benefits as well as drawbacks. For now it will continue to be labeled as “blog” but if you feel strongly either way let me know.

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