Reboot going slowly but at least I've started

03 Apr 2006

Why does time always fly when you're working? I suppose it's a good thing since everyone hates to be working hard and when they see the clock it's only been 5 minutes. Unfortunately, when you're working hard on client projects and the time fly's that leaves very little time for the personal projects.

Of course, the personal project I'm referring to is the impending redesign of Screenflicker Developments. The progress has been slow up until this point but considering it's April now I've got to start making the push — especially if I want to get half the things I've been thinking of doing done.

The biggest improvement will be the cohesion of the main business site and the blog. I'm not too fond of the separate looks, they make the site look unprofessional and disjointed. Unified under the new banner, I'll be able to combine the news, case studies and articles into the blog while keeping the important portfolio pieces and sales pitch separate.

So far I've managed to come up with some semblance of a colour scheme but I'm still in the very early stages of the design. By very early stages I mean I've got my Photoshop template set up. By Photoshop template I mean I've got a Photoshop file created and the colour swatches are in the file. Yikes. Time to quite writing and get designing.

For anyone interested, a new Flickr group has been created just for the CSS Reboot.

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