Screenflicker rebooted

01 May 2006

Ah, the time has finally come to unleash the latest version of Screenflicker Developments, just in time for the May 1st CSS Reboot. Of course, when I say just in time that's what I mean. This new design has been a work in progress since the middle of March but stayed in a state of flux for over a month. Client work does take priority remember. Missing the May 1st deadline wasn't an option though so this weekend was filled with the joys of coding.

Design direction

As much as I appreciate the current trends of light on dark, it's not a direction I wanted Screenflicker to go in. Grays, light blues and greens are all fantastic colours but I wanted to take a different approach. The muted greens and browns from the previous design served as a base for this colour scheme, it just needed a little punching up.

This time around you're surrounded by some pretty bright oranges, darker browns, more intense colour all around. Sticking with the traditional two column layout and small footer, I've changed up the ratios a bit. The main content column is about 50% of the width which leaves the sidebar, with margins and gutter, at about 40% of the page width.

What does the future hold?

Many exciting things will be making their way to in the future. I'll be looking at adding a dynamic search using some Javascript wizardry — some may call it a live search, which it often isn't but close enough — as well as some contact form goodness. In regards to the blog specifically, I'll be adding some Prototype styling's to the comments — yes, I could use K2 but I'm not going to.

Some may have noticed that the portfolio section or “work” area is down for the count. Unfortunately because of client deadlines I was unable to really give my portfolio the attention it deserves. So instead of putting up some half-baked “look at me” stuff I'm taking it down. It will be back when I can actually devote enough time to doing a proper portfolio.

That being said, anyone interested in seeing my work or portfolio just has to get in touch and I'd be happy to show you what I've done.

Alright now, you kids have a look around, enjoy the new site, and be sure to let me know what you think.

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